The Ancon 36/8 Wall Extension System is available from Bricklayers Mate is supplied as a kit comprising a length of 36/8 Channel 2400mm long, supplied with either SP36 ties or, where some longitudinal movement must be accommodated at the joint, PP36 ties complete with debonding sleeves.

A single 36/8 Extension System contains all you would need to install a 2.4M Length of Extension.

How to install 36/8 Wall Extension System Channel & Ties

 Offer up the channel section.
 On the existing wall, mark the position of the ten fixing holes to be used so that the channel will be central to the new masonry leaf and wall ties can be positioned in the channel at 225mm vertical centres for the full height of the wall.
 Holes are located at 150mm centres along the channel. Fixings should be installed at a maximum of 300mm vertical centres, ensuring there are fixings through the first and last hole of each channel section.
 Drill 8mm diameter holes, 50mm deep, and install wall plugs.
 Position channel and loosely fix screws through channel in to the wall plugs.
 Fully tighten screws, in any order, when all channel lengths are in position.
 Offer up the channel section.

How to order 36/8 Wall Extension System Channel & Ties

 Follow this link 36/8 Wall Extension System Channel & Ties
 Select the type of Tie required PP36 - Supplied with Debonding Sleeve or SP36 - Supplied plain.
 Select the length of the Tie required - as standard these are either 200mm or 225mm
 Should you require something special, IE for Stonework or a length of tie not listed please contact the office on 01892 481530.
 Bulk Discounts available
 Free Delivery on orders of 2 channels or more
 And lastly remeber its also kept from stock, with express next day Tuffnells delivery as standard, why wait when we have it from stock!

The Ancon 36/8 wall extension system is supplied with SX8 Nylon plugs and stainless steel pozi head screws. This fixing requires an 8mm diameter hole and is suitable for use in various types of block as well as concrete.

Unlike other wall starters, the ties can be used with debonding sleeves to accommodate longitudinal movement at the joint and the system can also be supplied with other Ancon wall ties with a _ _36 reference, e.g. DP36 or YP36 (dowelled) for use with stonework. For the slightly more special ties please get in touch with our sales office on 01892 481530.